Teacher’s Guides and Material

It is planned to produce a range of lesson plans and guides for teachers which will accompany each children’s books.

The first book “Papa Owl and Rocket the Dog’s Big Flying Adventure” can be used as follows:

  • English Language – For example: use of metaphors (wise like an owl), use of exclamation marks and use of speech in stories.
  • Mathematics
  • Science and invention
  • Aviation and flying
  • Relationships between generations and amongst families
  • Emotions and being caring and kind
  • Recycling and making things
  • Nature and animals
  • Owls
  • Art – using the illustrations
  • Drama and making a Papa Owl puppet show.

The book has been designed to be an exploration and adventure that has multiple uses in discussion with parent and child, teacher and class.

Future books will have similar adventures and multi-uses.