Isle of Wight Aviation Museum

Flying High, Flying for the Future

The proposed Isle of Wight Aviation Museum is planned to be based at Sandown Airport on the Isle of Wight and Michael is a member of the steering committee. The vision is that the future museum will have a children’s activity centre exploring flight particularly the flight of the owl, human-powered flight and the wonderful world of invention and inventors.

The Isle of Wight and the Solent Area of England is famous for being the innovation home of aviation, rocket science, ship science and marine engineering in the 20th Century. In the 21st Century, this innovation has spread to renewable energy and manufacturing of wind-turbine blades.

The Real Owl Man, which Papa Owl is based on, was 8 years old when he discovered flying and actually flew in a plane at a flying circus in 1927.  He always wanted to fly but when he joined the Royal Airforce at age 15, he was rejected due to his eyesight. He decided to make and design things instead. He flew a human-powered plane in 1977 at age 58.