Welcome to the wonderful world of Papa Owl.

Every child has a gift inside them that could light up the sky, and an idea to change the world for the better

Our wish is to encourage every child to draw, make, build and invent.

Every child has a hidden idea, has the ability to be create a life changing invention, or to share an amazing story.

We want to encourage as many children and families as possible in the 21st century to get outside and explore the wonderful world we live in. To spend time exploring the countryside, or to walk on a beach or visit a park.

Papa Owl books are based around a community of people and animals that live on a fictional island called Sandy Island that is near the Isle of Wight.

Papa Owl is the central character. He is both an inventor and a granddad, and with his family and friends including dogs and owls, he makes things, helps people and cares for the environment.

Papa Owl has a dream of seeing a kinder world where human beings and nature live together in harmony.


Papa Owl Publishing

Papa Owl Publishing produces books for children, parents and schools which promote invention, creativity, imagination, emotional resilience, relationships, nature, green issues, science, maths, and the concept of working across generations.

Papa Owl Publishing has been founded by two families, the Lilleys and the Stiles, who have come together to create children’s books which cross all generations of family and community. They have created Sandy Island, a fictional place and community that connects human activity and nature. Creating stories which stimulate discussion and activity.

Papa Owl Publishing is based on the Isle of Wight and although Papa Owl characters are fictional the inspiration for the books does come from the people and environment of a beautiful real island.